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Holy Rosary  and St. Benedict Parishes
Milton, Ontario

Moms Talk with Sr. Catherine, Oct. 13, 2017 Sign In or Register to add photos

October 13th - Talk for Moms - “Did you hear me?” by Sr. Kathleen from Holy Rosary Parish, Milton. This was a beautiful reflection by Sr. Catherine, from Holy Rosary Parish. Sister's talk touched upon the art of listening, which we all do every day, as mothers. She gave short examples from recent movies, of types of listening we do, every day. The most common type or technique is "listening with the heart." We all can find 4-5 minutes of prayer time, driving in the car, waiting for a child, to reconnect with Our Lord, throughout the day. Sister's talk left us all reassured that the vocation of motherhood is difficult, exhausting, challenging, but so rewarding and noble!
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